How to Be a Great Worker

You’ve landed a job and now, of course, you want to keep it.
So here are our tips on how to be a great worker and hopefully, impress your boss and co-workers.

Behave Professionally.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job that’s fun, it’s still a job. Work isn’t a social gathering and it’s important to always be professional. There is nothing wrong with being fun to work with but if being fun starts to affect your work, you know you’ve gone too far.

Learn How to Do your Job, and Do it Well.

Whether you’re a doctor or a tradie, knowing how to complete your job not only in a satisfactory manner but also to a high standard is the best advantage you can have and employers will notice.

Network and Develop Good Relationships with Employers and Other Workers.

Employers are often experts in their industry and you can learn a lot from them and likewise, co-workers are great connections to have. Always leave them with a good impression, as they may be your reference one day. Click here to see our information on Networking.

Take New Opportunities.

If you’re given the chance to learn a new skill, receive training or take a study course paid for by your employer do it! This will improve your work, give you new skills and will contribute to your employability.

Maintain a Good Job Performance Record.

Always work hard, do a good job, show up on time and keep a good attendance history. If an employer needs to dismiss workers, they will often choose those with a poor record.

Always be Productive.

Being lazy is one of the worst qualities an employee can have and if your employer notices (and they usually do) you won’t have a job for long. Always work harder than the people around you and you’ll be sure to stand out.

Be Appreciative.

Always say thank you whenever an employer or co-worker does something good for you. It shows that you are grateful and will encourage them to do more good for you in the future.

Be Involved.

A workplace usually involves numerous workers, and employers are looking for people that are able to be part of a team so don’t be afraid to get involved and be a team player.